Confidence Personified ~ The Queen of Wands

This Queen rules Aries, a sign that knows what it wants, she is go-getting and a leader rather than a follower. She is confident in every area of life and goes for what she wants whole-heartedly.

Here in The Star Tarot she is depicted as St. Brigid. In myth and legend, this Irish saint and ancient Celtic goddess symbolised fire, illumination and healing. Here she has the cross of Brigid in the centre of the sunflower she holds.

The queens, who are naturally ruled by the element of water, inhabit the realm of emotions, and as this Queen also rules fire at the same time she has the perfect balance between her feelings and her spirit and will. In this way she is perfectly in touch with both her feminine and masculine sides.

This vivacious queen indicates the need to look at something in a more expansive and inspired way. Fire burns away blocks and obstacles, so be clear on what you want, align yourself with it and have the courage to go for it. Have courage, and faith in your own abilities.

Symbolising spring and therefore rebirth, this is a great card in questions regarding new beginnings.



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