A time to sow, a time to wait, and a time to reap

I asked what to focus on today. I’m feeling agitated and restless. Having just finished my first book and with my website  finally OK, I now feel at a loose end. There is still book two to finish, but I feel unmotivated. And although I struggle with not ‘doing’, I’ve inevitably run out of steam. So instead, I’m sitting in the garden with a few decks, my journal and a long cold glass of Jack Daniels and Coke.

Revolution, from the Sacred Earth Oracle, is reminding me that its not always harvest time. There is a flow to life, cycles of productivity and down times.  The next card, The Queen of Wands from the Tattoo Tarot, my Significator card (i.e., represents me), is telling me that I need to reconnect with myself. I have been so tied up with things recently, that I’ve forgotten how to have fun. With her gentle grip on the wand, I am also reminded not to force things. Sometimes nothing can be done, as its not the right time. Again, its about the flow of life. The Queen of Wands is encouraging me to soak up the sun today and to forget work. Work can continue another day.


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