My mission

This website grew out of a need for a friendly, interactive learning website that would teach tarot in an empowering, hands-on and fun way. I believe it is my mission (along with many others) to help bring tarot out of the dark ages and into the mainstream. It is time it was seen for what it is; not some mysterious, fearful and fatalistic deck of cards with some weird or dark energy, but an amazing psycho-spiritual tool which can enable us to take full control of our lives by helping us to tap into our own inner wisdom, make better choices and manifest a more positive and heart-led life.

I want to take away some of the mystery surrounding the tarot, whilst still recognising and respecting its depth and many layers of meaning. And ultimately I want to help others discover their own way of reading the language of the tarot, so that they can become the best reader they can be, without needing to rely on book meanings.

Your fate isn’t in anyone else’s hands, ready to be dished out. Your fate is waiting to be written by you, and the tarot can help you do this.

Grab your cards and join us.




I'm not around right now. But you can send us an email and I'll get back to you, asap.


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