The Inner Temple of Light ~ Your Personal Healing Space

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The Inner Temple of Light is your own personal space for healing, meditation and manifestation, and you can visit this sacred space whenever you wish. It is called The Inner Temple because it is inside of you; your own inner oasis of calm and tranquillity.

In your minds eye, see yourself arrive at the beginning of a gently winding enchanted forest path. Begin following this path, taking in the beauty all around you. You are surrounded by big, strong oak trees, which seem to enclose and protect you. You also notice that all around you are beautiful wild flowers, in all the colours of the rainbow. These vibrantly coloured blooms each contain a different healing property. For example, the vibrant red ones can bestow you with will, passion and courage, the pale blue ones are soothing and can help aid communication, and the bright yellow ones can be used to increase joy, and optimism. If you feel you would like to, stop and pick one, and deeply inhale its scent. Notice how your entire body is now filled with the energy and qualities of your chosen flower.

When you are ready, continue on the path until you happen upon a large white building, hidden among a thick copse of trees. The building is pure brilliant white and has a large domed roof comprised of a number of clear quartz panels. These panels allow the temple to pull in the powerful healing power of the Sun, Moon and Stars. As you enter the temple, you notice a door to the left of the entrance which has your name on it. Open this door, enter the room and look all around. There appear to be many other rooms leading off this main room, which you will explore later. For now, stay here. The room you are in now is the healing room, and you can come here whenever you feel like you need a boost of positive healing energy. Come to heal, or just sit and relax or meditate.

As you glance around, you notice the walls of the temple room also appear to be also made of crystals, of all types. You notice deep, rich purple amethyst and gentle, soothing pink rose quartz. You then notice that all around are comfortable healing couches, on which are placed great big soft cushions and luxurious, oversized throws and blankets. As you lie down and make yourself comfortable, you look up and notice that above the dome of the temple is now like a huge rainbow. Colours down pour through the temple roof, where they are in turn magnified by the clear crystal panels. The entire room  is literally alive with a myriad of multi-coloured healing lights.

Chakra balancing
Allow yourself to be bathed from head to toe in these lights. Firstly, you connect with the deeply red ray of rainbow light, which fills your body with its vibrancy and power, before finally settling in your base chakra, filling it completely. Your base chakra is now balanced and healed, allowing you to feel even more grounded and empowered.

Continue with the rest of your chakras, absorbing orange into your sacral chakra, yellow at your solar plexus, green at the heart, pale blue for the throat, indigo at the third eye, and lastly, violet at the crown. See yourself literally filled and glowing with these rainbow colours. All of your energy centres are now perfectly balanced, aligned, healed and working to the best of their ability, and your entire system is elevated and vibrating at a higher level than before, therefore increasing your spiritual energy and connection.

Enjoy this feeling for as long a you like, and when you are ready, simply follow the path back to where you first began. Stretch and open your eyes, knowing that you can return quickly and easily to your inner temple whenever you wish. This is your own private place of calm and safety.



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