A Major Crossroads ~ Judgement

Judgement is a powerful card of awakening, often foretelling of important and far-reaching decisions and changes which need to be made. Therefore, when it appears in a reading it can speak of the need for a very honest self-evaluation, one which can bring a whole new level of awareness, meaning that nothing can ever be the same again.

In short, this card signifies a wake-up call, indicating that you are finally ready to face the absolute truth of your situation and are willing to make the needed life changes, because you know on a very deep level that things cannot continue the way they have been. Maybe you have been desiring an overhaul, recognising, on a soul level, that you have strayed onto a path that will lead you away from growth.

So although this card can suggest some upheaval and reorganisation, you will be renewed and reinvigorated once the process is complete. And you will not only be back on track, but will find yourself on a higher path than before, one that is more aligned with your true inner nature.





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