Although it is a new moon (an intense one, as it’s a partial solar eclipse and a Super moon, opposing the small and powerful planet of transformation, Pluto), Mercury is also approaching a retrograde motion, entering its Storm (less than 40 minutes arc per day). It is not a great time to start new things. Better to reconnect within and reorient the self. New ideas will come, but don’t initiate them until you can check the details, preferably when Mercury goes direct again on the 19th August.

The moon itself is about to enter the sign of Virgo – time for healing and grounding. As Virgo is also to do with organisation, looking at the finer, smaller details, and the improvement of things, don’t overdo the need for perfection and become controlling or compulsive about things. Its about letting go of what you can’t change and looking at the structure and details of what you can.

I pulled 2 tarot cards from the Morgan Greer deck to clarify. The Ace of Pentacles can represent a new opportunity, something which can be tangible, lasting and prosperous. But being earth, it can be a more plodding type of energy. It is therefore to do with letting something develop organically and naturally.

With the 8 of Cups coming after, there may a need to let go of something in order to work on the new idea. The 8 of Cups is ruled, astrologically, by Saturn in Pisces. Pisces is imaginative and creative, sometimes a bit of a dreamer, and Saturn prefers a more orderly and structured approach to things. So let your mind run wild, but make sure your dreams are practical if you want them to work.

Lastly, card 28 from the Torch of Ascension, ‘Thep Thai – The Green Giant’ – is a card of grounding and transformation, and is also about connecting to the earth and nature, particularly the sun, and also connecting with ones own energy field in order to anchor the intentions and manifest.


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