Empowering Tarot Readings

Tarot is an amazingly versatile tool that enables us to tap into deep wells of wisdom and knowledge, as it speaks the symbolic language of the unconscious mind.

Although traditionally associated with fortune telling, it is so much more than this. Not only can it tell us of probabilities and help us gain clarity and understanding, it can also be used for a whole range of things, from providing creative inspiration, healing, meditation, inner journeying, magick and inciting positive change and transformation in our lives.

Enlightening Astrology Readings

 At the moment of our birth the planets were at certain degrees of the zodiac, having a huge bearing on our nature and life path. The resulting chart is quite unique and can be read in a number of ways, allowing us to gain a vast amount of information and guidance.

A birth chart is like a map or blue print, in that it signifies our traits, strengths and weaknesses, as well as our soul lessons and likely life challenges. And it can not only help us understand ourselves, but can also enlighten us on our relationships with others. It can peek into the past or the future, or show us where we are presently.

Warning – these readings can be pretty deep!

numberolgy 3

Numerology ~ Soul Numbers

A numerology soul path reading enables you to know what your soul lessons are, as well as what gifts and strengths you have available that can help you overcome any challenges you may face in the course of your life.

A numerology reading can reveal the patterns of the past you are to overcome in order to grow, and also acts as a compass point in that it shows where, on a soul level, you are striving to head towards.

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Learn the Art of Empowering Tarot 


Workbooks Coming Soon

Tarot is vast and multidimensional, and so there is NO one right way to read it. The purpose of the Path of Light Tarot Books are to help you find YOUR own unique way of reading, so that you can become the best reader you can be ~ without needing to rely on book meanings.

Many people find the tarot intimidating at first; not only are there 78 basic meanings (and that’s only the upright ones), but there is also wealth of knowledge and wisdom contained within each and every card, including; numerology, the elements and astrology, not to mention the colours, imagery and symbolism. But it needn’t be a minefield. Like anything, once you learn the basics the whole thing becomes clearer. And learning the tarot is really like learning a new language ~ the language of the unconscious and the spirit.

The Path of Light Tarot Books will teach you all aspects of tarot reading ~ from the basics through to some more advanced methods, in a step-by-step way. You will also learn how to connect with Spirit, specifically your Guides and Higher Self, which will deepen your practice further. So not only will you build upon your knowledge of the traditional card meanings, but you will also be able to construct your own meanings and become a truly unique and heart-led reader, as you will be guided by your own soul.

You will get to know the cards on a very deep and personal level, and your cards will become like 78 friends; always on hand to guide and advise you. And you will become a empowering tarot reader who has the flexibility and inner knowing to always be able to discern what the cards are saying ~ no matter the card, no matter the question, no matter the person being read for.

There is also a tarot learning group, which is a friendly and inclusive space where you can practice with others, try out the techniques, learn new things and further develop your skills ~ all with people who are in the same ‘boat’.

Reconnect with your inner divinity, be your own guide and then shine your light for all to see.

The Path of Light Tarot Course

The Tarot is an incredible psychological and magickal tool which can help us gain more insight, clarity and understanding, empowering us to make more beneficial and better informed life choices and decisions. It is multifaceted and extremely flexible, and through this course you will learn a number of ways to use it in your daily life.

You will learn all of the basics of tarot reading, before moving onto some advanced methods and techniques. You will begin by exploring how the deck is structured in terms of the elements, numerology, symbolism and astrology. Learning how to read these various symbolic aspects is the key to really learning the Tarot, for the symbols ARE the KEY. And not only is symbolism the language of the tarot, it is also the language of the unconscious mind, the soul and the spirit world. It really is a universal language.  And it really is like learning a new language, but one we recognise already on a very deep level. You will also work on developing your intuition in order to learn how to connect with your own inner spiritual committee ~ your High Self and Spiritual Guides. In this way all of your readings will be soul led.

There is also the Path of Light Tarot Learning Group, a safe space where people of all abilities can learn and share together. Just like an social network group you will be able to ‘friend’ each other, post articles, spreads and questions, as well as practice on and read for each other in order to build your skills and confidence.

Once you truly understand the language of the tarot and have developed your inner~tution, and learned to completely trust it, you will never again need to read another book of tarot interpretations, because you will know the cards so deeply. They will be like a deck of friends. 78 very honest friends who have your best interests at heart.

 So grab your deck and join us!

Andreh Ferrari

“I’m having an experience with Aurora and she is reading my astrology chart. She  is picking up important details about my personality, how I use to relate with people and how I behave. A reading with Aurora will surely give you a lot of insights about your life and point you to the directions you should look for in yourself in order to improve your life”

Stacey-Anne Miles

“Personal service. 5*. Took time to personalise my chart and talk through results.
Puts her heart and soul into every thing she does”

Karen Fountaine ~  Would Buy Again
“Always detailed and accurate”

karen f

5 out of 5 stars

“I just adore the readings I received for my 3 kids – they are so well done, rich in wonderful detail, honesty and genuine intuition. I have framed them and they are hanging over their beds, full of character and promise (just like the kids!)”

Andy Seaword

A Natural Gift
“Would recommend to all my friends, personal and prompt. Aurora has a natural gift for reading which others I have used do not. I will definitely be using her again, well happy”

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