The Fiery One ~ The Queen of Wands

queen wands fire


Queen of Wands Divine

The Queen of Wands is sociable and gregarious. A firm friend and a just as firm enemy, if you p**s her off you will soon know about it. She is definitely not one to take things lying down. But just as quickly as she angered, she will soon forget about it and move on. In her eyes, life is too short. But as long as she is on your side, she will cheer you on wholeheartedly and will encourage you every step of the way. She is extremely loyal to those she cares about, and will always ‘have their back’.

As adventurous and energetic as the king, she is always last to leave the party (unless its boring!), and will be the first one dancing on the tables, and will expect everyone else to follow suit. Often seen with her constant companion, a black cat, some call her a witch. She is certainly very aware of her own power and knows how to wield it in order to get what she wants. This goes for all areas of her life, not least of all her love life.




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